What your body is telling you

Learn to listen to the subtle signs your body is giving you about your subconscious mind and inner state.

Tiny clues and sometimes flashing signs given by your body provide a lot of insight on to your actual reality. Our subconscious mind works independently of our conscious mind and is hiding a lot more than you can imagine.

Sometimes we try to reason about things without processing and accepting our emotions… well, our subconscious mind won’t let this slip, and if we keep hiding stuff under the rug, our body will pay the toll and will slowly start giving signs about it. Starts gentle but then it can become a true hurricane for our life.

A pain or a muscle knot can be there as a sign of stress either from work, personal life or unprocessed emotions. One knot can become a whole side of the body if you keep ignoring it. Several knots and contractures cand alter your posture, how your internal organs work and in time end up in some illness noone can explain.

Our body gives us signs like that, and in other forms: suddenly feeling sick, or dizzy, sudden mood changes, anxiety, inflammation, heat or cold waves, sweating or dry mouth, and so forth. Start to listen and when these show up, if you can’t see a direct reason, start asking yourself if there is something your body or subconscious mind are trying to bring up to your attention. Do this with an open heart and mind, and leave judgmental self talk out of it.

Surely you know when you are happy, and you feel that overflow of energy and joy in your body. Just like you feel it in your body when you are in love or when you hit your little toe in the furniture legs. 🤦‍♀️😅 But in this case you don’t ignore it, right? You feel that love, you feel that pain. You pause and stay with it and allow it to run it’s course.

You need to listen and process whatever the signs are saying even if this isn’t a direct outcome to what just happened. Then take care of your body. It is your temple, and you have just one in this life. We don’t come with spare parts or with magical heal-all abilities, so we are supposed to take care of ourselves. This means resting enough, taking our time when we need it, pampering ourselves and our body and making sure mind body and soul are working together and helping eachother. Be mindful about your life, it will be way more rewarding than you know.

Take care of yourselves! 😉

Have some happy holidays!

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