The Age of Aquarius through the eyes of an Aquarian

You are certainly aware by now we are going into the Age of Aquarius. According to astrologists, starting December 21st 2020, it is on! On this date, Saturn and Jupiter’s conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius seems to mark this new age’s official start, it just happens that to be the winter solstice date too, which again is a symbol for rebirth and dawning of a new cycle.

I’m not going to touch base on the energies that many felt in the past few weeks because of these astrological events, as much as I was also one of the many with various symptoms that the New Age says are part of this transition and of the “awakening” that our planet is going through. So yeah, you might feel a lot of stuff these days. Worry not, it is for the better. šŸ˜‰

I want to discuss the actual view on the Age of Aquarius, I see a lot of hopeful positive articles on the matter but, as an Aquarian myself, gotta tell you guys: it’s just half of the whole story! And you need to hear the whole of it.

Yes, Aquarius is an innovative, creative, out of the box thinker with a bunch of positive traits… but we’re not all in all just milk and honey! No, sir! We are not ok with injustice, judgments, discrimination or down-talking. We are not easily upset or angered, but when that does happen… it’s hell unleashed.

We don’t like labels and we don’t judge anyone by appearances, we feel your hearts guys and gals! Really! We may seem eccentric to some, we may seem to talk down to people or we may seem to be assuming you need a lesson, some even call us blunt, truth is not that at all. We simply believe in people and in what you can understand. We don’t talk down, we talk openly. We don’t give lessons, we believe in understanding and we see everyone as equals. We love knowledge. We’re not eccentrics, we simply absorb a lot of knowledge because that is the only way of understanding things and people, we’re attracted to understanding everything in its depths and truly are innovating and creative because of that! This is us. We’re open and expansive, we’re ambitious and fun, we’re creative and imaginative and we appreciate authenticity and honesty, and we appreciate and vibrate when we see big hearts.

So, the Age of Aquarius will definitely be a different thing for the world, an actual level up to some extent because if these traits will pass on to the whole humankind to some degree, that means we’ll see a lot of this everywhere. But … here comes the downside: we do NOT, and I repeat, do NOT like or tolerate lies, cheating, fake people, masks, judgment, and bad behaviours. So when that happens, normally an Aquarian will either leave the conversation or confront you with all they’ve got, because they know what is behind that. If you insist on it when an Aqua wants to drop it, it will get to be a serious confrontation where you can’t get out until you get real. Not many people can handle this. And luckily, not many people see this face of an Aqua, but if you did… ouch! You can surely confirm that.

And because we’re generally peaceful but have such a low boundary for tolerating the bad traits and injustice, I believe this new age will be having quite a few of explosive conflicts between people and governments, between countries and between working people and managements… it will be unpredictable but quick to escalate, and probably also quick to settle. However, these escalations might be massive and with serious changes as a following. We should all be much more aware of our actions and their repercussions, aware of how much one person can influence many more and even a civilisation, aware of how one gesture in one domain can influence several other domains even.

What this means globally? Guess… it means you have to drop your act. It means you have to face your fears, your faults, your lacks, your every single part of you that you don’t like or that you try to hide. How’s that for a level up? It’s a global dark night of the soul. That won’t pass easy and won’t go away with a 1, 2, 3. And you won’t get out of it with “I’ll pretend I’m fine and it will go away”, no dear readers, this means you have to actually face it and it means you have to become the real deal: an honest, up-front, out of the box thinking, authentic person. Without the programming, without the masks, without manipulation, without the egotistical behaviours, without judging others and without labelling or putting others down. It means you have to open your hearts and your mind to everything. It means we have to be there for each other and show up as vulnerable authentic persons, with good intentions and no hidden schedules. So far, we could choose to level up, but from now on, we’ll have to face it, want it or not. That’s what this new age will be about. We’ll see our darkest traits and biggest issues and we’ll have to surpass it and work on it.

Are we ready to do that as a civilisation, as a global society? I don’t think this will happen overnight, but I can definitely say it will be tough. COVID-19 was here, conveniently just at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, as a warning to that: to drop our acts, drop our masks, drop the charades that we’re dancing between politics and society, and start acting as one, helping the ones that ARE part of our society even if we don’t know them, but less fortunate – the ones we consider poor group, nations or less fortunate countries, help everyone level up, learn, understand, apply and move higher as a whole and have the same life standards. This virus showed the World it’s faults: we’re pretending to be “high class” but we ignore the truth in over half of the world, in-depth, we’re still missing major awareness, caring and compassion. It started in China where the technology advancements are waaay above many countries, yet… the low-class (not liking to label it this way, but well…for the sake of understanding) still has major lacks of understanding of hygiene, compassion and awareness. It showed us the lacks in societies around the world, the big gaps between what is low and what is high, the disagreements between governing bodies and the masses, the lack of proper understanding between different domains and the rulers or decision-makers of a country, business or administration. It shows us how education has gone awry overall because, despite high rates of educated people in some countries, the lack of understanding of common-sense things such as hygiene measures is huge even there. We need to fill up these gaps, we need to balance everything. One tiny virus shows this much… this is just one! If you check the records, you’ll see every 3-4 years there’s a new big virus showing up in the world. MERS, SARS, Ebola, Anthrax, etc, they’re going to keep coming and they’re getting worse, and we have to be on the same page with what we do. We can’t do that with the big gaps we have in our societies around the world, and even in one single country. It’s up to us to bridge these gaps, fast and good… if we want to survive and advance! Otherwise, at the stage we’re at, globally, we’re going down. Yup, same as Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece… all big civilisations reached a peak, then went down because they didn’t bridge these gaps. We’re there now. But we’re a few steps further on the scale of urgency because of how we evolved our societies today, the gaps are bigger, the technologies are way more powerful, we’ve altered the entire planet’s system. We have Global Warming, we have massive extinctions, we have pollution at levels this planet never saw before and we keep extending our cities in a way that totally wrecks the balance of this planet. We need to think and act fast. We don’t have an Earth 2.0 yet, and we can’t “run” or abandon ship. So we get to choose: care or disappear.

I really think that the way we are linked to the Earth is similar to what you saw on Avatar, for example. We can subconsciously feel what happens to the planet, and the planet feels us. It can feel what we do and it can object to it… which it did. All the storms, fires, earthquakes, epidemics, plagues, these are the planet’s way to say: “Guys, you’re on a bad track… stop and look around, Change your ways or you’re not going where you hope.”

I truly hope that the Age of Aquarius came at the right time and that we can change our ways yesterday because we’re on a sharp edge now and we need to turn around. We need to actually CARE about what is happening here and we need to ACT to make things be alright for everyone, humans, animals, plants, the planet as a whole. We need to care about our neighbours, our less fortunate fellow citizens of the country or of the world. We need to raise our awareness that we can’t survive alone, we need each other, we need the earth, the animals, the air, the trees, the seas. The Earth can go on without us, as it did before us, but we can’t go on without it. We are a part of it.

I can see many people starting to see these highlights and starting to change, so I can only hope the Aquarian Age will keep this awareness growing and expanding to more and more people so that we stand a chance. So that when an innovation comes that can turn the fate around for the planet, we can be open to drop our personal interests in face of the planet’s interest and opt for serving that one instead.

I know we are in front of a huge change, and that things from now on will be very unpredictable and all advancements will be huge steps, the question is: will we be open to embrace it? Are you?

As an Aqua I have to say I’m happy for the Age of Aquarius to start but also would advise you to take it with a grain of salt, and start your journey to your authentic self before you’re forced to do so.

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