Your vibe attracts your tribe

You probably keep hearing this everywhere, especially lately with the things happening around the world and people looking inside to find answers and change, so much that you can’t believe it anymore or even end up ignoring that saying.

Well, unfortunately (or not) it is true.

Angry people attract other people who have anger and resentment issues, while calm and happy people attract the people who want and are the same.

But you’re not full of anger or resentment, you’ll say, and you don’t want to be that way. So why is that you feel down, upset and can’t control it? There’s a few possible answers to this.

One of it would be: you are surrounded by this kind of people and willingly or not you get sucked into this same way of thinking and perceiving everything, questioning your other ways.

Another would be: you have some resentment or unresolved issues from the past, hidden deep down in your subconscious mind that you have no clue about until you start looking for them and exploring it.

Yet one more would be: neither of the above applies, but, at one point in your life, you were surrounded by this kind of people or raised by such a person that now you have this reaction and way of thinking in-built into your being as the norm of reaction, yet again, without having a clue about that and the fact that it’s not the way to be, or not YOUR way to be, but rather something you “inherited” by mistake.

Fear not, all of these can be solved. But as always, step one and half-way for solving a problem is accepting there is a problem.

It’s actually interesting to see live how an angry person usually can’t stand a happy person around them, and how a happy person usually won’t feel good around an angry one, and eventually will ignore this person. It’s the vibration. Happiness is so far above anger and fear.

I have recently gotten to feel this first hand, how people of the same vibration get attracted to us and end up saying how amazing our place and our presence makes them feel. But they were looking for a high vibe tribe, and they found this imprinted in our beings and in our place. The vibration of a place can also be high or low, but, let good things happen long enough somewhere and that place will feel high-vibe even by itself. And yes, others will feel it and will feel attracted to it, while low-vibe people will naturally avoid it for the exact same reason.

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How do you change your vibe, once you’re aware of it? Oh… this is a long process, but it’s a self-development process. Sorry, but it comes from within. 🙂 No, your vibe does not have to pick up someone else’s low or high vibe, your vibe can be raised by you alone once you look inside (and outside) and see the things that do not serve your highest good. The stress, the anger, the resentment that do not help you in any way and are just consuming your energy. Once you evaluate your actions and reactions and start noticing you do NOT have to engage with someone that is trying to spend your energy in a way that doesn’t help you, everything will change. You don’t have to get angry if someone is angry, you don’t have to be upset if something goes bad. You don’t have to be stressed if you feel you don’t have enough time. It’s ok to not like it, but it doesn’t mean you should react to it in the same way. You can find ways to manage everything once you look for these ways and, as a fact, explained already in previous posts: stress, anger, fear and similar negative emotions and feelings, usually un-thought instinctive reactions to the surrounding environment, simply block your body from doing things creatively, timely and intelligently by activating your flight or fight mechanism which blocks everything else (all the good traits that is, including your immune system). Once you realize this, test it out and see the results, every thing you put out as an action or reaction is your choice alone and should not be the equivalent of the environment (e.g.: if someone addresses you with anger, a reaction is: you do the same, but don’t!) you’ll start controlling your emotions better and will start elevating your vibe to a place where no bad things can possibly alter it anymore. Slowly you’ll find that the environment changes too, angry people will start talking calmly to you, stress factors might resolve easier, and time might come as a result of you mindfully and responsively taking account for what you put out and what you take in from the environment.

Your good vibe will attract a high vibe tribe. But you are the one who has to set the tone for your personal vibe. If you let everything alter it, it will just keep hovering between high and low (or simply stay low) and that won’t ever do you any good. So my dear readers, please take care of yourselves first and think what vibe helps your well-being.

Wishing you a sweet and lovely day and much light in everything you do!

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