Are you happy?

This is the question you should be asking yourself.

It’s funny how actually such a simple question always escapes through our thoughts and hands and friendships. It mostly comes to this one question whether your life goes as it should or not.

A Valentine’s special I can say 🙂 but seriously: are you happy? What keeps you from being happy? Think it through… I got time.

I got asked this question in a crossroads point of my life by someone who has become a very dear friend and this question did not only hit a soft spot, but also opened up an entire chain of change, which was not only necessary but also long due. I want to thank that friend forever and ever after.

If you’re not happy, you can’t “make someone” happy. If you’re not happy, there’s no point in you trying to make other people happy as that will just make you miserable. Every single change has to start from inside you, the world starts to mirror you, your emotions are felt by the people you interact with, be it directly or subconsciously, but they are felt and it influences pretty much everything. Unless… they’re empaths and know exactly why you’re feeling this way or why you’re putting these feelings out in a “hidden” way.

So, today: look inside, be happy with yourself, be happy with what you’ve got, what you’ve accomplished and what you can be. Think how unique you are and how amazing it is you’ve got this far and how you are your biggest treasure. You are not happy? Start solving that problem cause, hey!… if you’re not happy with who you are, you can’t expect anything outside to change that. It might, but it will be only in the brink of an instant and then back to where you were. Love yourself, accept your flows and your strengths, accept your past and move on, cause the future isn’t written yet! That’s what you can always make as you want, and it starts TODAY. Love your every second, your every feature and every pain. They made you YOU.

Someone told me that they don’t like happy people cause they seem they’re always high. :))) Sorry, but I started laughing, but the truth is: if you don’t like happy people it only says something more about your inner world, about your own unhappiness, and you really shouldn’t project these emotions and feelings onto other people since, more often then not, it is NOT their fault that you’re unhappy. And it’s not your fault either, but you are the one who can change this, not anyone else.

I’m not saying that if you’re grumpy you’re unhappy, but… you know, if you are not ok with having happy people around, well, that is something you should think about.

Happy comes from acknowledging everything happens for a reason, for understanding everyone has their own inner world and some things are not pleasant, but all things can be worked on and solved and if you’re open to do that for yourself, not only will you be happy but you can change the world into a much better place, you can build the life you want and you will see how everything starts adding up for you.

So on Valentine’s day (but on any other day would also be great!) BE HAPPY with yourself! Be happy for every cell of your body working FOR you and every breath you take pushing you towards your happiness. There’s actually a good meditation technique on this: breath in LOVE and breath out letting go of pain, breath in COMPASSION and breath out letting go of doubts, breath in LIGHT and breath out everything keeping you from enjoying it. (you can keep adding to this until your “cup” fills with good)

Much love and light to you! And be happy! I know you want to, and I know you can be! You just have to choose this and choose to see the limiting beliefs which keep you from being happy. And if you need help, I can coach you, just write to me.

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