Mens sana in corpore sano

Are you familiar with the saying Mens sana in corpore sano?

There’s nothing closer to the truth, but we have to add to it. A healthy mind within a healthy body implies also a healthy spirit. You have to make all these three combine graciously for you to be in balance and in control of your motivation, your life and your progress.

Start with identifying some physical activity that you like doing and start doing that periodically (let’s say two or three times a week?). Not only it makes you fit, it balances also your mood, your body’s capacity to regenerate and rejuvenate and it also brings you in touch with your spirit.

Your mind will be healthier too once you start doing periodical physical activities because it will have time to clean up the clutter of thoughts while all the hormones and endorphins your body makes during this time will raise your mood. So all of a sudden you won’t feel so much pulled down by that.

But you have to exercise your mind and spirit too to keep them fit.

How? Well, for the mind it’s easy: read an article or two every day, but make it worthwhile. Find only things of interest to you or to your dreams and goals. Try to avoid meaningless gossips or rumor articles. And in time… progress to books. 😉

For the spirit it might be more difficult, because to be able to “train” your spiritual side, you need a quiet mind. Which is why sports helps on this too, but just a little. That’s why many people go to meditation or mindfulness practices. Which, of course, help a lot… but it takes awhile to get there and a lot of commitment as you won’t feel the effects instantly. Nevertheless, at hand things that can help you with your spirit are things you love. Look inside and ask yourself what do you truly love in this life? And try to do or practice a little bit of these things every day. Be it only for 10 minutes. But do it! If you love spending time with your family or someone, do that! But make sure your mind is present when you do it and isn’t wondering in other places.

If you start doing these things, they will make a massive impact on your overall health: mental, physical and spiritual and you will feel this in your everyday life attitude and motivation.

Let me know how you feel after you try all this! 🙂

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