Keeping Your Soul Happy

This shouldn’t be so hard … so why is it this way?

Intuition, logic, reason and heart feelings don’t get along much. So which to choose? And when?

The absence of love and the hurt feeling cloud everything: thoughts, logic, reason, feelings, attention, reactions, memory… everything.

One could say love is the key.
I agree, it is! But how do you find the real love in your life? Where is your Mr/Mrs Right? Well… it’s not about that, really…

Love can come in many shapes and forms. It can be in the form of your soul-mate, it can be a very loving friend, it can be your family, it can be just some random stranger who wishes you well and with a couple of words turns your day for the better and makes you smile. Or… or, it can be within you.

If you love life, if you love people, if you love the sunlight, the rain, the wind and the silence, everything that means life and that at its’ turn can show love to something else, if you find this around you, you’ll also find the love within you and the love for yourself, for what you do or work, for everything in your life that should be in it. And this thing can make you function above any expectation. (which by the way, you shouldn’t have, but that’s another story)

Love is the key to being happy, but it’s not necessarily romantic love. If you love who you are, if you learn to love the world and see all the love there is out there, you’ll unlock some amazing experiences in your life. Including finding your way, your romantic love, your perfect dream.

Cause keeping your soul happy is not about money, it’s not about family or about careers, it’s about you experiencing this love in the world for yourself and giving back.

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