Chapters of a lifetime

Our lives are just like a book.

We each have chapters, some have more, some have less. Everything happening during certain time-frames is composing one.

A relationship is a chapter, a school is a chapter (or maybe even more, depending on the length and the containing experiences), childhood, teenage years, college years and then the late 20’s are each a chapter. Early 30’s and then the late 30’s and so on and so forth.

Things keep changing and by moving on we realize how chapters end.
It’s funny though how one can’t tell a chapter has ended when we live that ending. We only realize this once we’re passed far into the next chapter.

Looking back one can realize how much he did, or didn’t do. How much friends changed or how much we ourselves have transformed.
Sometimes we’re melancholic, sometimes excited, sometimes… we are clueless and feel that things are useless, but nothing really is.

Every single thing you do, think, decide or skip doing, thinking or deciding is important and has a consequence on what comes and what you miss in life.
Don’t miss anything! Have no regrets… because if you would have done anything differently, you wouldn’t be here today. Love with all your heart and don’t hold back.

Yes, you will get hurt. Definitively you will! 🙂 But that is part of life and love. And if you don’t get hurt, you won’t appreciate the good times properly.

Everything has a beginning and an end, everything is cyclical.

There will be moments when you stop and look back on things and ask yourself “what if I would have done this another way?” Truth is, you won’t know what if. And also truth is you probably wouldn’t have done it in any other way, simply because this is you, or better said: that was the you at the time it happened. Now you’re already different and can’t think the exact same way anymore.

We rarely realize how much we change, how much we evolve and how people change us with their presence. We are alive because we change, we are here because we chose to, and because this is where we need to be.
Some will say “no, this is not where I need to be”. But yes! You had to be here to be aware of where else you should be. Ironic, isn’t it? 🙂 But it’s exactly how life works.

Nothing is coincidental, it’s just the universe speaking to you reassuring or negating your actions.

Trust it, trust your instincts and trust your gut feeling! It will take you in the right place 😉 Listen to what your intuition tells you, might be wrong at first, but in time you’ll have a trustworthy friend in yourself.

But no matter what, have no regrets, no fears, no holding back! If you want to be where you want to be, you need to give your best, and fear, regrets, holding back, will never let you do that.

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