The worse day of my life

You’re probably saying this a lot, “today is a horrible day”, “worse day of my life”, “wish I didn’t get out of bed”, “can’t get worse than this”… well…don’t! 😛

The worse day of your life will always bring out the best in you. The way you cope with that worse day will make you stronger, better, brighter. Your inner light will shine more and more and your true self will come out to meet the world.

The worse day of your life is there to teach you a lesson, a lesson not about life necessarily, but a lesson about who you are, about what you can do and what you’re doing or did wrong.

So if you are having the worse day of your life. Don’t panic, don’t complain, don’t get agitated, just STOP.

Stop right there!

Breathe in, breathe out, control your breath till it gets normal. Then think a little: what can this happening or event or issue teach me? What should I look at inside me that can benefit out of this lesson? But never, and I mean NEVER ask “why did this happen to me?” This is a forbidden question. Your issue is not “why”, but “what for”.

Focus on this and you’ll find out some magic things happen, revealing you everything and calming down the tides that overwhelmed you minutes ago.

The universe has it’s ways, it gives us what we need and tries to hand it out in various ways, we’re just not used to listen. There’s a sense of humor in this world that you have to tap into. Might be somewhat dark sometimes, and maybe feels even a bit mischievous, but it’s still humor, and you have to love it. 🙂 Love that despite things going bad at first sight, the universe tries to hand it gently by making fun of the situation and, well, of your flaws. But it’s for your own sake, so again, look inside, feel the love and care of getting the chance to change this issue within you and embrace the humor. Humor is one of the ways in which love manifests in the world, and without it… well… how would the world be without humor? Or without love?

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