Things that can change your bad day to a good one

We all have bad days. It’s not a matter of choice, bad shit does happen, that’s life, but we do have a choice if we keep multiplying that bad shit for the whole day or days to come or if we take it as is: it came, it passed, life goes on. There’s nothing we can do to change the past, but we can change the future! And the present is how you make it!

So, how can you turn a bad day to a good one?

No, you don’t have to “forget all about it”, you have to learn from it. This bad thing happened because… x y z. If it was your fault, well, now you know what not to do, which is good. If it wasn’t your fault, there’s no point to spend any more time feeling bad about it. Just go on with your life.

The ancients had a lot of smart sayings, one of which is Veni, vidi, vici. which translates as ” I came, I saw, I conquered.” (attributed to Julius Caesar by the way). Put it in practice: it happened, you acknowledged it, conquer the moment with learning from it and moving on.

Let’s say you found your car crashed in the parking spot? Not your fault (unless you parked like an idiot…), probably another person had a bad day and in a rush accidentally hit it or scratched it. That happens, could have happened to you too. Not a big deal. Cars can be fixed. It is not a reason to grudge all day over… It would simply cloud your judgment and amplify bad things coming your way. Go back to your good mood by finding something else that needs your attention in a positive way. And please don’t let it be “I’ll kill the guy who scratched my car!” That’s not a plan. 🙂 You don’t even believe it. And it won’t get your car better, nor your day.

Think of something pleasurable like a project or a future plan, a night out with your friends or significant other, or whatever it is that you like doing. Having trouble switching to these thoughts?

What is it that you like doing? Think hard! What is the main thing you like about that? Maybe that you are alone? Maybe that you are with friends? Maybe the fresh air or music? Or maybe the dessert that special restaurant has? The sound of the leaves in trees? Ok… there you are, found a target: start with that exact thing. Listen to that music, find a dessert at the store on your way to work that is similar to the one in the restaurant you like, get your friends out for a coffee or beer (whatever the time of day suitable is), go have a walk…. do that thing that you enjoy and that resets your energy. Or have a “glimpse” at it, as I like to say.

If you don’t have all the time needed for it, just have a glimpse of it by having a short 5 min walk, or 5 min talk on the phone with your friend, or order in what you want, put that music on the car player or on your phone (come on, you have youtube available all the time!).

Take an easy way of getting that special relaxing option ASAP so you reset to be positive… and then, mind your normal business. 🙂 It isn’t hard, and it’s not worth ruining your whole day or everyone else’s day with your grudge. What good would come of that grudge? You’d just exhaust yourself and everyone else, you’d probably miss a lot of good opportunities and for sure you would NOT be able to focus on the things you need doing, so, then again…it would just make things worse and amplify the bad into other areas of your life. Totally not worth it or the consequences of it.

Turn your day back into a good one, no matter what happened, cause seeing it good makes miracles. 😉 The only thing you need to turn a bad day into a good day is YOU! Want it and do it!

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