A few things to start you up in finding your motivation

Or in wanting to find it!


this is not just a phrase, this is the truth, better believe it cause that’s step 1 in getting where you want to get.

We are all human, but we all are different, there are no two brains that work in the same way. There is no one single way of doing things right, and there is no single solution to fit everyone.

So if you tried to do some things and didn’t succeed, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Yes, you CAN do it! It’s just a matter of time and finding the approach best suitable for you and the motivation you need.

There are many tests and classifications of people based on IQ, intelligence IQ, emotional IQ, social IQ and so forth… but even this is something that CAN get better and improve during your lifetime. So never take a label and accept it for yourself. If you think you can do more, then you have to try, cause I can tell you: YOU CAN! Don’t believe it? Contact me and I’ll prove it! But you have to commit to it. 🙂 It’s not just a dare… it takes real work.

Here’s some videos that might help get this idea sink in:

There Is No Such Thing As A Good Or Bad Memory by Jim Kwik:

Our brain can be programmed, and is programmed from day one on this planet. We learn everything we know or do or think, and the way we learn it as much as the way we are being taught is affecting our character and our ways of thinking in life. Oh, and not just our thinking… yet that’s a different story.

But as I told you, there’s no two brains that think alike, hence we will not all learn something in the same way. Reading might help me, but will not help you. Maybe hearing a story helps you remember things better. Or maybe seeing a chart helps you more. Maybe just drawing a picture of the moment will let the info sink in for you, or maybe it is just a matter of senses. You’ll remember this moment due to the specific light surrounding you when you read the article or for the smell of the cookies at the table next to you in the coffee shop, or the sound of the rain on the window, or maybe none of it, but just because you’re thinking of a special someone. Which one is it?

Think about it, and remember it… And congratulations, by doing this you just started to be conscious about the world around you in the now. That is one thing we must do more.

Do you know that everything you think and feel has an echo in your body? And it is not a small one… you probably are not aware how big it is! This is why your image of yourself and your inner thoughts have to be on same wavelength. Get to know yourself to heal yourself, and for God’s sake, be honest to yourself! Be the one you think you are!

Speaking of which: saying you’re positive and actually being positive are not the same thing. Hence, don’t lie to yourself too much… just saying it might be good to get you on the positive track at first (kickstarts the right thoughts), but if you’re not really meaning it, you’re hurting yourself more. Again, be honest to yourself, and find reasons for seeing the half-full part of the glass.

That is because below you can see What Negative Thinking Does To Your Brain and also what positive thinking can do! 😉 Which one would you prefer?

So, I hope I got your attention and all this got you thinking a bit. 🙂

If you want to get on the right track and feel this is juuuust not enough for you, or you can’t do it alone cause, well… being honest, reprogramming your brain and entire life is kinda hard, then let’s talk! I can help you find the best way to get on track and teach you how to stay there.

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